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3,2,1 Happy New Year 2022! We made it through another crazy year and it’s all because of you! Thank you for your continued support, here’s to an exciting 2022. May you be filled with health, happiness and plenty of magic! Cheers!
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And just like that we left another year behind…and what a year! Thank you all for supporting us through these crazy times. It’s now time to welcome a new and exciting year ahead, are you ready to take it on? We are!
Cookies Show is a place to stay connected, get inspired and show the best of our friends and family. It’s a new digital platform gathering the latest information, news and projects from Cookies World. We will be interviewing our chefs, waiters, team members and friends about their inspiration, story, hobbies, passions, their connection with Cookie and what makes them tick! They will also be sharing their secret spots, favourite recipes, anecdotes and much more….
Through the interviews we will be connecting our love for food with our love for art and music. We will be working with fellow artists, musicians and inspirators to expand our community.
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